You know I’ve not been a major fan of Charlie Sheens in the past. Then came "Two and a Half Men”.  I liked the fact that this guy was really able to laugh at himself, not to forget the fact that he was very successful at it too. Thats why the new edition of  Ashton Kutcher didn't work for me. Ok maybe that wasn't Charlie making me laugh it was the lines, but then I met Charlie,.

Following on from Pacino, Travolta & Stallone etc, I wasn’t as excited as I have previously been, BUT.. Normally after the show there is a sponsors, dinner, drinks or get together where one schmoozes. Its the first time that after a gig night I have been able to  sit with the nights celebrity and catch little glimpses of the man behind the story.  His outlook on life following his latest chapter is refreshing. He makes it very easy when speaking to him to talk about the elephant in the room, although personally we didn’t talk about it.

Charlie arrived at the Drury Lane Theatre over an hour later than planned. I had hoped to walk him on to the stage as I did with Piers Morgan previously but as people were already taking there seats as he arrived it wasn’t an option. That didn’t stop him walking straight past me and to the side of the stage taking a massive peak and waving to fans who obviously were able to spot him and start cheering.  This tickled him. After greeting him back stage and seeing that kind of outlook, I knew we were in for a some what interesting night. All the way back to his room he was cracking jokes. He looked at me while we entered the dressing room and said

“where did you get that fucking hair man”?  “Do I look bad” ? I said, 

“No you look great, wheres my make up guy”?  The make up person said "Ive already touched you up”  “You have?, shit I really look like this?” he said looking into the mirrors. 

I have to say the bane of most of his jokes and target are him, thus disarming you and reeling you in. 

After a quick touch up of make up and a quick drag of a cigarette we had to walk to side of stage while Piers was welcoming the audience. The tech had a computer meltdown back stage and the intro did not go as planned, things failed us, I looked around at Charlie and he was very anxious to get on almost like he was desperate to go to the toilet so I had to make a decision to go straight on. 

With the exception of John Travolta who intensely looks in to your eyes nodding knowingly as you speak, Charlie was very good  at connecting with anyone that spoke to him, if he has nothing to say he will  crack a joke, 

The interview was quite deep at times while also jovial in places Pier’s normal probing technic dug deep to some inner truths and seem to stir up some emotion from Charlie. Over-all although Charlie was his playful self there seem to be some honesty which disarmed many. I also think Piers was a great choice although I had my doubts. His history with Charlie helped the flow as he knew when to cut in when Charlie was running off base.

I wont go into the interview because you should of been there. LOL.

For the first time since I’ve been involved in these shows I have been able to sit down and chat with the celebrity and mingle in a way that was very open. We went on after the show to a private lounge in the theatre to take picture opportunities with paying public. Normally the people line would be like a cattle stamping procedure, walk in, position, smile, click and go. But Charlie had to chat with everyone. 

“Oh hi, whats your name?, where are you from?, did you like the show?, thats a great shirt, dress, top, hair, thank you for coming” 

Due to time constraints there wasn’t enough time, but he insisted on taking small breaks every 30 people or so and go again.  He said to me “these people have paid money for this man and have come out to see me thats amazing”


Charlie was very normal later that night and he would sit and talk about anything and listen intently. He would sneak out of the room for a cigarette alone and talk to people in the street and have a whole conversation. Chris & Theo my sons never miss an opportunity to entertain with a song. Normally when people say that to them they just say to them,  “go on, sing” But Charlie said “Yea man, thats great lets find a nice quiet spot in the bar and set the right mood” He found a spot joined by others too and the boys let rip.

“You guys are amazing and for the first time tonight I don’t know what to say, how do I even say a thank you to that?”  He was very lovely to the guys and that meant a lot to me in my book. Spyros who made the signed frame for him also got to do a round of magic tricks that blew him away too.

Rocco had told me after spending a few days with him that his disposition was always jovial and happy and a pleasure to be with and I agree. He kept on going and going into the early hours of the morning. By 3am I had enough but Charlie was buzzing, I looked round at Silas his personal security and even he was pooped like me looking at his watch.

I know there are a lot of Charlie Sheen haters out there and his life has been anything but reserved and holy.I am not saying Charlie is in anyway a role model, amazing actor, great humanitarian.  Im not asking anyone to forgive any of the bad things that he has done in his life.  However, I have to say that his boyish carefree outlook is infectious and any pre conceived ideas I might of had of him were dropped or at least put quietly aside as he disarmed me with his new attitude and outlook on life..  I also think through pain we learn and as nobody is perfect I think he has already tackled many inner demons.

I want to thank the whole RBP team for their hard work, cant be done without you. Rocco the main guy, EJB, Ant, Su, Alex, Chris, Theo, Silas & Spyros. All the Tech team at the Drury Lane. Lastly thanks to Piers Morgan.