Chaz has mixed hossam ramzy’s latest album “ruby” for arc music.

I had heard through the grapevine of the great Hossam Ramsy.  People in the industry and fellow producers would talk about the Egyptian Percussionist whose personality was larger than life, and his playing even larger.  When I met him, we hit it off instantly.  It was as if I had known him for years.  We played together in an Arabic/Greek fusion band.  We brought together some of the worlds best musicians to do these special gigs for no money, just for the love of music.  Since then I have been collaborating with Hossam on many projects, the best of which is yet to come.  I had the pleasure of mixing his latest album “Ruby”.  If you know Hossam, you would understand what an honour it was of mine, because he gives birth to his albums and holds them dear like his extended children.  I hope some of you will buy this amazing album. 

Chaz.... What an amazing artist. A wonderful composer, arranger and producer.

A man who knows how to duplicate my inner thoughts and bring them out on

the songs... Technically advance, emotionally correct, luscious arrangements

that bring out my percussion in a Jazzy modern style without losing that special

Egyptian Wedding feel. State of the Art Productions with a Human Face.

Hossam Ramzy