In the London's West End last night at the location of The London Palladium. There was much electricity in and out. For inside we were setting up and getting ready for a big day, outside as people were walking by you could hear the whispers and sounds of awe as they could see pictures of the Hollywood Star namely Sylvester Stallone.

I actually had a brief encounter with Sly at his hotel the day before the show. He was very nice, very polite but seemed somewhat tired yet attentive none the less. Not too much dialogue exchanged as he had a long day of interviews etc promoting the new movie Grudge Match.


He is a big fan of Stallone and I can tell you now. He did not have one note or study anything backstage. All Stallone's filmography was in JR's head. The man knows his stuff. And do you know what the pleasure was for me?  I sat in the room with Sly and JR and there was no small talk. Jonathan actually started the interview backstage I sat there watching my very own private show.

You know when you watch an interview on TV  and you want to comment or you do comment and shout at the TV? well I was able to do that and add dialogue and get a response, how fu&*^g amazing.

As we sat in Sly's dressing room chatting on the Sofa, I felt like I was on Jonathan Ross's show also a guest on the sofa.  Thank you Jonathan, he didn't just interview sly, I felt like he glided through that interview like a dance swaying in-between obstacles and shifting gears when the Q&As swayed. A true Pro.

What can I say about Sly. I thought when I meet this guy I will have to contain myself from shouting "yo Adrian, I did it" Everyone thinks they could do a Rocky impression. There wasn't really much I thought I can learn or absorb form a man who plays tough action heroes in movies. After you meet Pacino in person you could say I kinda hit the top of the bar.  OK, you know I was wrong.  The man has a quiet under current of electricity in him. Its so hard to avoid not standing there in awe of that. Unlike other icons I have met he was looking at me straight in the eyes when we were conversing. Obviously I asked him about the secret of his great physic, "I would not recommend the years of heavy weights that I have lifted that have led to many back problems I have today. Most of my exercise these days consists of small movement pilate type actions that have very low impact on my joints. That is the key"
So now I have an excuse to cancel my Gym membership and join a yoga class.  

I was very tense and anxious just before the show started as I was worried about the whole thing especially the intro I planned working out. I stood with him backstage waiting for our "walk to stage" intro and I looked round while I was waiting for the go ahead from the cue person and to my surprise he was talking to my twin sons and asking them which one was born first. He than grabbed my sons laminate at 10 seconds to go and said "I look like a dork in this picture"

I was thinking does he not have butterflies, I'm crapping myself.  His professional demeanor actually calmed me down too.

In the show he was amazing. He was poised to begin with but he was extremely unguarded. He didn't hold back, and he did tell us before that he was really looking forward to just being himself and giving people and insight into Stallone, he did not disappoint.  Sly was an inspiration on stage attacking questions like they were punches flying out form the audience. He answered with flare and detail every now and again you would see a thoughtful look as details were churning in his mind, but regardless of his age still joked with a boyish charm somewhat coy at times. That didn't stop him standing tall and working the stage and audience feeding off their reactions as if this were an actors guild seminar.

He told me backstage after the show that he just got in his stride and really wanted to continue (a few more rounds). Its really not enough time to get into the man. Can you believe it?  This action hero guy actually had things to say, emotions to share and I could actually learn something from him and I did. One of his lines were  "I look at old interviews of myself and I wanna punch myself" Perhaps that was the Sly I thought I was going to meet.  This Sly however as Jonathan rightly pointed out, IS an actor.

I am truly blessed to have met him.

The show is a massive success as I read todays papers and reviews we have smashed it. The man and promoter behind the whole show my good friend and brother Rocco Buonvino. His vision and continued determination is what lead to the event. Relentlessly avoiding obstacles when others would have just given up. Rocco also has an unusual charm that disarms you , you cant avoid smiling at that, he always surprises me and gets things done.  Can't forget to thank Rocco's right arm Anca who also has a very calming quality on us all. She is very grounded and stepped up to the mark when was needed. On the day I have to thank my family, my sisters Kiri and Bobbie backstage and my sons the runners Christopher and Theo. The Palladium staff and technical crew, we could not have done it without you. I thank Joe Ricotta for his backing and belief, I love his food and his beautiful family. I met some wonderful people Betsy and Kevin of which without them the event would not have been possible. I look forward to working on another show very soon. 4 weeks in fact, watch this space.

"Yo Adrian, we did it" (Cue Music)


Yo, You Shoulda seen me.

by Chaz DaBaT

Another day in my life's history pages. I have been very lucky in my career to meet so many famous people.

It also has its pitfalls however.

The more famous icons you meet, the more you get immune to the starstruck effect.  I have worked with many and some just rubbed shoulders with.

They say you should never meet your heroes, I always think about that before I say hello to one. 

Having had a few conversations on the phone with Jonathan Ross we finally meet at the palladium. After talking with him, I understand why he does what he does. I could not get a word in edgeways. LOL.

The man is also a legend. He is a natural at what he does and he made the show the success it was.