Chaz produces yoriyos’s album

                                           “bury my heart at wounded knee”

The Pied Piper


I had the pleasure a few years ago as he was slowly coaxing himself back in the studio to work with Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens.  While spending time in the studio I was working on a haunting version of his track “The End”.  On one of those sessions his son walked in to observe.  It was then I met Yoriyos and the result is “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”  I was proud to have been apart of this young mans development and it was an honour to work beside him and produce this album.   We have recorded many more tracks since then, but their future is yet undecided.

Watch this space.

"My father started to record some of his new songs with Chaz in early 2006. He did two different versions of "The End" and thought the slower version would suit my style. I immediately fell in love with Chaz's arrangement of the song, and it wasn't long before we started recording together. That was the beginning of my professional recording career. Chaz really knew how to get what I wanted out of my head and onto the record. It is a very special album for me. His guidance helped form the foundation of how I now express myself musically."